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Batteriplatta för BMPCC/BMCC/BMPC

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Battery Plate Adapter for BMPCC/BMCC/BMPC 1765

Artikelnr: 1765
Lagerstatus: I lager skickas direkt

Varumärken: Smallrig

SmallRig DV Battery Plate Adapter for BMPCC/BMCC/BMPC 1765

SmallRig DV Battery Plate Adapter for BMPCC/BMCC/BMPC 1765 is a battery adapter that fits securely on the back of the F970/F750/F550 battery on the rear of the panel.

It gives users the ability to convert the voltage to 12v easily and could attach a camera battery normally used with BMPCC/BMCC 2.5K/BMPC 4K.

It helps to support 12V DC power input and extend battery life. This device offers red led indication to show power on.

There is a 1/4’’ threaded hole at the bottom for rig attaching, and velcro for tripod connection.

Funkar med BMPCC / BMCC 2.5K / BMPC 4K (med F970/F750/F550 batteri)

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