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Within The Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

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av David duChemin

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Within the Frame is a book about finding and expressing your photographic vision, specifically where people, places, and cultures are concerned. A personal book full of real-world wisdom and incredible images, author David duChemin shows you both the how and the why of finding, chasing, and expressing your vision with a camera to your eye. Vision leads to passion, and passion is a cornerstone of great photography.

With it, photographs draw the eye in and create an emotional experience. Without it, a photograph is often not worth and can't capture a viewers attention. Both instructional and inspirational, Within the Frame helps you on your photographic journey to make better images of the places and people you love, whether they are around the world or in your own backyard. duChemin covers how to tell stories, and the technology and tools we have at our disposal in order to tell those narratives. Most importantly, he stresses the crucial theme of vision when it comes to photographing people, places, and cultures and he helps you cultivate and find your own vision, and then fit it within the frame. Om författaren


David duChemin is an assignment photographer specializing in humanitarian projects and world photography. A passionate contributor to the international photography community, duChemin's first book, Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, received worldwide acclaim for its vision, passion, and depth.

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Mått: 23 x 20 x 1.5 cm

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