Drop-in HawkLock mini Universal QR (Baseplate)

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SmallRig 3731
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3731 SmallRig
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Drop-in HawkLock mini Universal QR (Baseplate) 3731

Key Features:
1. Easy to lock and unlock, with no jams.
2. Exclusive patent, dual-position locking structure, high load-bearing and no shaking.
3. High compatibility for tripod, cage, head and other accessories via 1/4"-20 holes.
4. Compact and portable.

SmallRig mini Universal QR 3731 includes one baseplate and fits devices with 1/4"-20 screws such as tabletop tripods, ball heads, etc. It is Top Plate 3730 compatible and easy to lock and unlock, suitable for multiple scenarios. Dynamic load-bearing capacity: 5kg.

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